In Express-Sisters Group 凌速姊妹集團


In Express-Sisters Group (IESG) was established in 2001 as a joint venture between In Express Media Limited and Sisters’ Press Limited, with core business focusing on publishing, online business, media management, graphic design and creative services.

Publications of IESG include printed and electronic versions of SISTERS BeautyPro, Modern Home, Before & After, Live It Up.

For the media management sector, we specialize in developing and marketing of advertising sales. We are the advertising representatives of the TV Easy classified advertising authorized by Television Broadcasts Limited.

Our online business includes websites of Modern Home Plus and Sisters BeautyPro.

We are also renowned for organizing the world famous mega exhibition ACGHK and a Health Expo for middle aged and above audiences. For the trade sector, we have SISTERS BeautyPro Trade Fair for the professional beauty industry.